About Us

Authentic, exactly as we are.

What we love?

From video production to branding and digital marketing, we love to exceed expectations. The only solution we found to deliver fast quality is the love for what comes out of our hand, or keyboard.??

Why here?

Because here, we found a team we trust. The passion we put together in everything we do helps us to innovate and deliver with an uncommon speed.?

We are the

Fantastic Team

Iulian Oprescu


Maria Tudor?


Ovidiu Vorniceanu

Operational Director

Alexandru Tucan

Graphic Designer

M?d?lina Radu?

Account Executive

Cuibari C?t?lin

Graphic Designer


It translates through respect, caring for the client's needs, meeting expectations and exceeding them.?


You can trust us, we will deliver you on time, but we usually do it faster.?


For us, the passion is complementary to the discipline, just so we can deliver quickly, sometimes finding solutions that you did not even think about.?


We cannot accept one thing: boredom. What do we do to avoid it? We use unusual data and ideas to discover new solutions.?

Your dream. Our mission.

Confidence gained through performance

The only way we want to develop a trusting relationship with a client is represented by results. Customer requirements are viewed as bricks with which we build trust.?

Advisory Board

Mihaela B?beanu??

Senior Brand Manager

Lucia Ciuc?

Managing Director

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